Japan’s Healthiest Food,We have been offering hand-made Konjac since our founding in 1877.
Konjac is made from grain, and has 300 years of history in Japan. Features of Konjac
1) Good for dieting because it is low in calories (5 calories per 100 g)
2) High in dietary fiber (2.2 g fiber per 100 g), about the same as one head of lettuce
3) Optimal for diabetics
4) Konjac is an alkaline food
5) Causes the body to secrete toxins
6) Decreases cholesterol
7) High in calcium (half as much as milk)

It is konjac that in the texture made [korikori], is the taste and seen. Because it is a removal of harshness settlement, it is possible to use it only by being washing in clear water.
One package contains 28kcal and dietary fiber equal to 2 heads of lettuce. Konyaku noodles are very healthy. Just rinse with water before using. They work well with pasta, salad, and udon noodles. They do not contain any preservatives or coloring.
Miracle Mannan is the totally new unprecedented material.Used only natural materials that it is very healthy and low calories.The processing is easy, can use various purposes.This product is the material which can cause a revolution to a dish.